A Beneficial Workout Class: Pilates

Many people set weight loss goals, and before they see results they quit. Goals take commitment because there aren’t any shortcuts that will help you lose weight the healthy way. Commitment comes from within, from friends, or from group exercise classes. WilFit’s GX Classes are a great option for those with busy schedules. We are a high-end sports gym with a variety of classes, which make going to the gym very fun, worthwhile, and motivational. When you join any group training classes you will see that everyone is at different levels, so don’t feel discouraged because you’re new.

One of our gym favorites is the GX Pilates Class. Pilates was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates and has inspired many over the years to be in the best shape possible. Acquire a stunning look and be prepared to show off your body. Gaining complete balance and control over your body is what Pilates is all about at WilFit. Increase overall strength and flexibility whether you’re an athlete or not, it’s a class for anyone willing to participate. The classes offered are intense, burning calories and fat. Pull out your gym mat and get ready to perform a wide range of movements that will help stabilize and strengthen your core.

Pilates is a unique exercise that has a variety of benefits, exercising the whole body in the process. If you are trying to gain muscle without bulking, you can tone your buttocks, hips, thighs, and arms, increase flexibility, improve posture and more, by committing to this class for a 50-minute workout. Through Pilates you will realize that there’s a strong emphasis on breathing techniques and making precise moves. Your heart rate stays up while you tone, which is definitely a bonus. Your aerobic workout can help you if you have health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

It is recommended to give Pilates a try if you haven’t before. It is a combination of Yoga, Weight Training, and Tai Chi. Shape your body and increase your strength while you are at it. WilFit offers beautiful lockers, showers, and classes that will take you to the next level. Men and women all around the world are looking to become fit individuals, start your membership today and let your future be consisted of confidence.

If you are not a member yet sign up for WilFit online and become part of a great environment that will help you grow as a person. WilFit is welcoming new members at all times. If you ever have free time, go ahead and stop by WilFit and get more information at the front desk, send us an e-mail.