WilFit GX Pilates Classes Help Ease Chronic Back Pain

Did you know Pilates can be a great match for you if you have lower back pain? Pilates strengthens the core—the muscles that support the lower abdomen and lower back. For those with chronic lower back pain, excess motion can inflame lower back injuries. Pilates limits the body’s motion to a certain frame, strengthens the core, and thus supports the low back.

WilFit offers Pilates with its gym membership. If you are new to WilFit, and want to see what people are talking about, you can pay for one class at a time.

Pilates is a complex and effective fitness system was created by Joseph Pilates, born in Germany in 1883. His father was an award-winning Gymnast, while his mother was a Naturopath. Joseph pilates studied various physical fitness modalities from both east and west, including gymnastics and yoga.

In some ways Pilates is similar to yoga in that it focuses on flowing mat movements and breathing. But Pilates can build more strength than some forms of yoga, and keeps movements within a limited range. This is to avoid injury and overextension. Focus, efficiency of movement, and breathing are all essential parts of the practice.

WilFit offers a variety of group exercise classes like Spinning, Pilates, Dance, and Power Abs. Not to mention world class Bodybuilding Personal Training by professional coaches and bodybuilding champions.

Pilates can be a good practice to incorporate into your workout routine, a perfect balance point between strength training, flexibility, and moderate cardio.

Pilates can help strengthen the core and encourage proper neutral spine alignment, the lack of which often leads to chronic back pain.

Please don’t hesitate to ask WilFit’s Trainers & Instructors about ways to create a healthy fitness plan catered to you particular needs.