Get Ready for the Summer with Wilfit Sports Club

The sun is out and the heat is rising – summer is almost here. Wilfit Sports Club has a handful of offers that can help you rev up your routine and get your body summer ready. For students who are back home for the summer, we are offering our summer membership special to help keep you on track with your goals while on break. For a limited time, students can sign up for a 3-month membership at Wilfit for $180, or a 2 month membership for $130 with no annual contact or commitment.

For those that need an extra push of motivation or just want some expert guidance, we have a personal training special where you can get 3 personalized training specials for only $149 – $210 value. Train with Wilfit’s pro body builders, fitness nutritionists, and elite athletes. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain weight, or sculpt your body, our experienced team can help you get summer ready. A free Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis is included when you sign up.

Wilfit is also welcoming new members to try out our facility for one week for only $25. Take advantage of our elite fitness classes, state of the art equipment, premium services, and some of the cleanest facilities available. We have a massive parking lot with validation, so parking is no issue. Sign up today and discover why Wilfit is LA’s best high end gym

For more information and to sign up, visit our deals page at

*All summer offers end 8.31.17