The Benefits of Yoga for Bodybuilders & Athletes

Bodybuilding Yoga Los Angeles

Can yoga and bodybuilding go together?

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to gain control of your body’s processes and calm the mind. But you don’t have to meditate in a cave to be a yogi.

Yoga is now well known as a great way to balance out other workouts such as weight and cardio training. Even bodybuilders can enhance their training with yoga.

Many athletes know that flexibility is key to reducing injury during workouts.

In fact, many of the best athletes in the world maintain that flexibility is more important that brute strength when it comes to athletic performance.

Bodybuilders, in particular, run the risk of shortening muscles through repetitive exercises such as bench press, deadlifts, squats, shoulder presses, and more.

What’s the antidote to muscle-shortening, calcium deposits, and scar tissue buildup? Muscle-lengthening exercises such as pilates and yoga.

Bodybuilders tend to focus on certain muscles that get the most attention during bodybuilding competitions. However, they might ignore smaller important muscles that have to do with things like shoulder rotation and overall support.

You can be a world class bodybuilder and also be flexible.

Periodization is common in all sort of athletic training. The general pattern for bodybuilding is: a strength and endurance phase, strength and hypertrophy phase, power and strength phase, a peak phase, and an active recovery phase.

Yoga is great for the recovery phase. In addition some athletes stretch and do yoga after any intense workout to flush lactic acid from the muscles, and decrease soreness.

Not only is Yoga good for an athlete’s body, it can also relieve stress and cultivate relaxation—something we all need.

Los Angeles is a hub for both bodybuilding and yoga. It’s time the two world’s mutually benefit from each other. WilFit offers both yoga and bodybuilding personal training for a truly balanced fitness routine – and life.